Technology systems for Your
Business Network

Network router/firewall systems and switches:
The base management router/firewall of your network is the most important component of your system. Security and protection of your business data and devices, as well as for your users. We can set-up multiple networks, VLANS, or any other specific configuration you may require for your business functions.
Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi:
What more do we need to say! Wherever you need Wi-Fi, we can make it happen!
Audio and video systems:
Small and large. Restaurants, common space areas, theater rooms, stage music equipment and so much more, we’ve got your sound and vision systems covered!
Digital signage:
Information displays for tenants and residents, digital menu boards, events centers and so much more.
Surveillance and security systems:
Interior and exterior building cameras. Cover doors of entry, parking lots, registers, outdoor garbage dumpsters, and anything else to increase the safety and security for your business.
Door Access:
Code or key fob access, app access and management. Someone forgot their fob or code? Connect to your app and give access offsite and also get real time activity. View access records, remove and add users, and change settings.
Burglar/fire alarm systems:
Our contractors are experts when it comes to B/A and F/A.
Point of sale systems:
We work with your preferred POS company or can recommend one of several companies we work with to program and connect their systems to our network for security and for PCI Compliance.
IP phone systems:
Yes, we cover IP phone systems as well! In addition to connecting and programming them to your network for full system management and connectivity.

Blue Horizon Service & Management

One of the many benefits of working with The blue Horizon team is the continued management and support we provide to our customers for their technology system(s), which sets us apart from other low-voltage contractors.

Knowledgeable and friendly team members available for questions before, during, and after project implementation.
Service and support for your technology systems
Cloud and App based systems for remote management and monitoring
Security and firewall management
Customer service
PCI and HIPAA compliant
Network bandwidth management
Notifications to our blue Horizon team if any network devices go off-line so we can troubleshoot and resolve as quickly as possible
Engineered and installed by licensed technicians with years of experience
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