Blue Horizon Surveillance
Commercial Surveillance Solutions

Want to know what’s going on at your business at all times? Now you can. Monitor your business from anywhere using your web-connected smartphone, sales tablet or computer – saving you time and maximizing your control. It’s the smart way of helping to secure your investment and livelihood.
Remotely arm and disarm your business security system.
Schedule automated arm and disarm schedules.
Receive text or email alerts with open/close reports.
Instantly delete user codes for terminated employees.

Our Services


Indoors, outdoors, pan, tilt, zoom, infrared, night vision, large, small, etc., we’ll customize your system to fit your specific business surveillance needs.


If you have any questions, need equipment replacement, warranty service, or assistance, our service team provides prompt service and resolution.

Additional Benefits

 - Discourage Thieves
 - Peace of Mind
 - Liability Insurance Discounts
Contact Blue Horizon for more details.
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